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Flow Calibration Laboratory

Currently we have under guard with standard meters with current certification before CENAM, to perform calibrations of different dimensions, according to the needs of the service:


CMFHC2 | CMF200 | CMF025 | CMF100 | CMF300 | CMF050


Calibration of flow meters type:

• Coriolis

• Magnetic

• Vortex

• Turbine

• Bench calibration

• In- Site Flow Calibration

• Calibration for gas services

• Ship calibration

• Procurement and manufacture of materials

• Skilled in diagnostic, configuration, calibration, commissioning services and reliability programs handling several brands as Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress + Hauser, Khrone, Oval, Neptune, etc.

Within our solutions proposals we have development and design of:

• Engineering for process plants (basic and detailed)

• Fire suppression and fire suppression systems engineering.

• Automatic filling systems, for car, tanks and tank cars.

• Temperature control systems for furnaces, boilers and burners.

• TV systems with measurement.

• Engineering for the design of storage and process tanks.

• Integral electrical engineering.

• Process design and simulation.

• Electrical work and instrumentation.

• Electromechanical work.

• Gas, oil and derivatives flow measurement systems.

• Distributed control migrations.

• Diagnosis of failure of control schemes.

• Electrical integrity studies.

• Hydraulic studies and mechanical integrity inspection of pipelines.

• Assembly, installation of electrical pipes, instrumentation and accessories.

• Prefabrication and assembly of process pipes.






• Basic and detailed engineering for critical system control schemes.

• Security instrumentation (SIS).

• Gas and fire systems.

• Process control engineering (Level Control, Pressure, Flow y T°)

• Oxygen Analyzer Systems

• Vibration monitoring systems

• Assembly and commissioning of instrumentation and training.






• Architectural and civil engineering.

• Mechanical Engineering.

• 3D modeling and electronic models.






• Manufacture of Measurement Skate in Mexitrade.

• Calibration Services of meters mass flows.

• Civil-mechanical work in By Pass Donají Substation Area.

• Burner installation (mechanical work and instrumentation).

• Maintenance of instrumentation and communication cabinets boards.

• Measurement Skate Manufacturing and Hot Tapping Machine Services.

• Installation of H2 / Hydrocarbon analyzers and calibration tanks.

• Installation of CS19420 vibration transmitters and 702 repeaters in critical equipment.

• Manufacture of CEMS Shelter, booths for analytical and vibration system for turbogenerators, Morelos Petrochemical Complex.